Devil’s Spit

This script won 1st place in the Zed Fest Horror screenplay competition!

A female candidate for mayor of Detroit gets kidnapped by her disgruntled Ex and forced to take a powerful date-rape drug nicknamed the “Devil’s Spit” to control her but instead of knocking her out it triggers an adverse reaction that plunges her into a deviant odyssey of tortured madness and fuels her on a psychotic revenge quest.


Buckle up for a bloody romp through politics for Toxis Orithia, a conservative politician running for mayor of Detroit. She’s campaigning on a “high morals” platform by attacking the excessive violence in Hollywood movies.

That’s when her disgruntled Ex, a film composer, interprets her public attacks as personal and in a gross overreaction kidnaps and tortures her to record the realistic sounds of her suffering for his upcoming film.

While enduring unspeakable pain and humiliation, Toxis is given a highly addictive street drug nicknamed the “Devil’s Spit” which is supposed to subdue her but it opens up a pandora’s box of bizarre emotions and demented behavior.

Watch in horror as the inner Toxis is unleashed: a twisted, schizophrenic, ballerina-loving, wild-child abuse victim yearning for bloody revenge against her captor and longing for another addictive hit of the “Devil’s Spit.”


1 location.

2 characters.

Great franchise and TV series potential.

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