Wow! What an incredible piece of work. We were deeply impressed with the quality of the writing, your ability to craft an intriguing story, and the ability to keep it all within the constraints of a potential low budget production.

Ed Stephens
Zed Fest – Festival Director

Devil’s Spit is offensive. Void of morality. It gleefully crosses the line on every taboo I can think of. I can only assume it was written by a drunken savage.

Linda B

Devil’s Spit has an amazing story, structure and character arc, but what kind of sick mind comes up with this stuff?

Steven V

Devil’s Spit is filled with sex, greed, murder, torture and revenge. It will leave any jaded horror fan wide-eyed, foaming at the mouth and begging for more. A new horror franchise is born – all hail Devil’s Spit!

Alan S


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